A Community Assessment for the Fox Cities of Wisconsin


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Purpose and Opportunity

The purpose of the Leading Indicators for Excellence (LIFE) Study is to develop a clear understanding of the overall quality of life in the Fox Cities by taking an in-depth look at 10 key indicators. LIFE Studies also were conducted separately in Brown County and Southern Winnebago County, and a report compiled to include data from the entire region.

We intend for many groups to use these findings: from businesses recruiting employees, to nonprofit agencies planning services, to local government deciding on resource allocation, to coalitions addressing an area of need, to the general public increasing awareness of community strengths and challenges.

This report provides information, but not solutions. Its purpose is to spark regional leaders and citizens to action based on an accurate understanding of current community conditions and trends.

Download the reports below:

Executive Summary

Fox Cities Report

Regional Report

Behavioral Risk Study

(released October 2011)

Please visit www.lifestudy.info to learn more about the Regional Report, and to access the full LIFE Studies for Brown County and Southern Winnebago County.

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